Custom Software Solutions
You no longer have to be a large corporation to connect directly with your customers, manage employees, or track inventory. We deliver a variety of customized software solutions to suit your specific requirements based on your business model. We provide the expertise and experience and let you focus on your core business.
  • Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry Apps
  • Hybrid Apps Designed to Work Across Multiple Platforms
  • Enterprise Apps Connected to Your Cloud Based System
  • Web Based Software
  • Access You System From Multiple Platforms
  • Industry Specific Applications
  • Custom Cloud-Based Software Systems
  • Integration with Existing Software
  • Work from Anywhere, Your Office Comes With You
Trading Software
  • Custom Trading Software
  • Broker API Integration
  • Trading Strategy Definitions Using XML
  • Multi-Source Market Data Subscription Access
  • Report Customization with XML
  • Strategy Result Tracking