Custom Software Solutions
You no longer have to be a large corporation to connect directly with your customers, manage employees, or track inventory. We deliver a variety of customized software solutions to suit your specific requirements based on your business model. We provide the expertise and experience and let you focus on your core business.
Mobile Apps
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Hybrid Apps Designed to Work Across Multiple Platforms
  • Enterprise Apps Connected to Your Cloud Based System
Cloud Services
  • Web Based Software
  • Access You System From Multiple Platforms
  • Industry Specific Applications
  • Custom Cloud-Based Software Systems
  • Integration with Existing Software
  • Telecommuting and Remote Field Access
Trading Software
  • Custom Trading Software
  • Broker API Integration
  • Trading Strategy Definitions Using XML
  • Multi-Source Market Data Subscription Access
  • Report Customization with XML
  • Strategy Result Tracking